Access Control Gates

Access Control Gates are the basic need of controlling access into or out of any facility in a convenient way and without using extra resources.

Installation of Access Control Gates is essential to control access into/out of an area Рbe it large premises, corporate houses, colonies, highways, and office complexes. Physical barriers and detection systems are used in a complete setup of access control Рmainly to dictate, who can gain access to the area and when. Such gates can be integrated with other gates to work together to form an access control system. These gates are controlled without a lock system and without a checkpoint. Employees / Visitors must scan their identity on access gates. These devices have artificial intelligence control algorithms set to control employee attendance, flex working hours, visitor logs, and much more. All such necessary data will automatically be updated to the system. In all, they are a  perfect solution for Shopping Malls, Metro Stations, Education Institutions, IT departments, Corporate offices, departmental stores, government offices, and much more.

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