Full Height Turnstiles



Full height turnstiles are the most commonly required movement control systems – equipped well with advanced technologies for better movement control. RMC come with mechanical rotating barriers; while operating in the same way of revolving doors.

Such movement control systems allow access to one person at a time by locking the entry to the system. They are available by different names like turnpike, automated gate and baffle gate.

They are capable enough to restrict passage only to people, who insert a coin, a ticket, pass or other access in similar way. They can be used to enforce one-way human traffic. Use of full height turnstiles is common to areas like a train station or office buildings.

Full height turnstiles are ideal for security and crowd management at the entrance – mainly to the important areas that need high security and management to pedestrian flow.

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We design such turnstiles for pedestrian entrance control at high security areas.

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