Pedestrian Swing Glass Speedstiles





Swing speedstiles and glass speedstiles are often installed at entry points of different buildings – mainly to enter the building. They are required for the increased authorized flow of pedestrians – mainly allow the continuous passage of a good number of people per minute and to reduce the perceived risk through unique detection algorithm to prevent fraudulent entry with greater user safety.

They are available in sleek and transparent designs – giving a contemporary look that is well suited to modern offices, public buildings, and different infrastructures. You can choose the right range of such gates and speedstiles directly from certified manufacturers and get them delivered in real-time manner.

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We have world-class infrastructure and a team of engineers, who have years of experience in designing and developing something innovative and technically advanced. Feel free to contact us or get a quote online for technology speedstiles – ranging from bi-directional gates to pedestrian swing and from glass speedstiles to swing speedstiles.