Physical Security Equipment

Physical security equipment range is required for better security of any space or premises or even anything else. Such kind of security involves the use of multiple layers of independent systems that include protective barriers, locks, access control systems, surveillance systems, fire protection and different other types of systems that are designed for the protection of persons and security. 

Using such equipment is beneficial in a number of ways – mainly to identify and manage personnel access, the ability to monitor an entire environment and implement intrusion detection systems. 

We at Ravel Movement Control are well-aware of the increasing demand of such physical security equipment. Keeping the same concern in mind, we have come up with an extensive line of products and services – meeting your security needs. We offer you a broad range of equipment that includes:

  • Speedstiles, Tripod Turnstiles, P-Gate, Full Height Turnstiles and Retractable Flap Gates
  • Vehicle Barriers, Spike Barriers and Bollard
  • Baggage Scanners, Thermal Solutions, UVSS, Door Frame Metal Detectors and Hand Held Metal Detectors
  • Access Control Gates, Addressable Emergency Signage, Boom Barrier and Gate Operators
  • Handicap Swing Gates, Parking Management Systems and Road Furniture
  • Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, Technology Gates and Thermal Imaging Cameras

In addition to the aforementioned range, we also design and offer X-Ray Scanners and toll barriers. Feel free to contact us and get a quote for the latest physical security equipment range.