Tripod Turnstiles




Ticket checking or token checking is a common need at different entry points and exits.

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We have come up with a new range of tripod turnstiles that are easy to use and come with a number of added features. Tripod turnstiles are the most commonly used options for ticket checking at different premises like sports stadiums, amusement parks, and university facilities and used to eliminate the need for attendants at entrances and to provide with the mode of counting number of pedestrians at entering facility of any premise.

In addition to this, tripod turnstiles can also restrict the passage only to people, who insert a coin, ticket, pass or anything in the same category. Tripod turnstiles are capable to create a gateway – allowing access on in one direction – that can from exit only from parking lot or a person either to count the number of persons entering or to restrict access only to those with a token, ticket or pass.

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