P Gate models are designed for the people with special attention to entrance with luggage, trolleys and different types of items in convenient ways. They are designed to facilitate movement of wheelchairs and trolleys in convenient ways. They come with smooth and silent motorized drive mechanisms with amazing safety features to ensure high comfort to users. 

P gates are ideal to use for airports, corporate offices, amusement parks, R&D centers, factories, multiplexes, hotels, government facilities and other places. 

Ravel Movement Control Pvt Ltd has an exclusive range of P Gate that come with a number of added features. Choose the right models of your choice; go through the details and place your order. A complete user guide and maintenance support is provided to you.

Some added features of P gate include extra wide walkways, low power consumption Unit or bi directional, robust swing arms, arms free/locked options in case of power failure, low maintenance and aesthetic outfit.

We also offer you customized P gates that are designed specifically according to your needs. Choose the right models and get them delivered on time and right to your address.