Retractable Flap Gates




How to control pedestrian movement in safe and secure way is a common concern among security manager of large premises and different other places, where heavy influx of foot traffic can be seen?

If you are looking for such advanced devices for movement control, Ravel Movement Control Pvt Ltd is the one stop solution for all movement control devices. We design and offer you retractable flap gates that are easy to install and come with different added features.

These gates are known for providing with an ideal contactless solution that controls the access of un-authorized entry, these devices are manufactured with high aesthetics and comfort requirements. We provide you with the right type of gates with easy integration with all access control systems and come with long life cycle and low operating cost.

Ideal for cooperate reception areas, At Ravel Movement Control, we have robust retractable flap gates that are stadiums, library and different other places for high pedestrian throughout in an elegant, sophisticated and discreet manner, essential for today’s corporate environment.

These gates can be installed either in a single or a multi-lane array; while these gates can be used in conjunction with different other types of access controlled gates like swing gates, if wide access is required. Such gates can provide with a low to medium level of pedestrian entrance control security, if they are installed in conjunction with any form of access control system.

Feel free to contact us as per your requirement for the latest range of retractable flap gates.