Parking Management System

Parking Management System by Rave Movement Control

Ravel Movement Control provides you with end-to-end parking management system with flexible designs and customizable integration possibility – that meet a broad range of parking operations in large premises, multi-storey parking and ground level parking. We have world-class infrastructure, where we design and offer perfect and appropriate parking management systems that are helpful in decreasing congestion, recovering productivity of the total parking program and increase turnover.

Why Ravel Movement Control’s Parking Management System?

Ravel Movement Control offers you advanced parking management system – that is real-time parking availability information system. Our system saves time and the hassles of identifying a vacant slot in a parking level. Our PMS comprises of Ultrasonic Sensors – that read use of each parking space and provides with inputs on the status of the Bay Indicators that light up Green and indicating availability of the space. As soon as the vehicle is parked, they turn to Red or switch-off to ensure the slot is occupied.

  • Our PMS is highly efficient with a very high level of accuracy in its detection
  • It is an open-data solution – providing with 24×7 information about the availability of a parking space – adding immense value not just to the parker, but also to the establishment offering the parking facility and in the process creating an environment – less polluted and safer for all.
  • The RMC-USS Ultrasonic Sensors and RMC-PBI Bay indicators are installed on top of each Parking Bay that detects and Indicates the availability parking space.
  • Our system picks information from the Ultrasonic sensors and completes data processing to send the processed parking space data to every LED bay indicator to display the information of available parking space.
  • Our system is equipped with integrated software – showing the real time parking space information.
  • RMC-MDU Master Display unit is installed near entrance – showing the total parking space information inside the entire facility.

How Does Our Parking Management System Work?

An amazing parking management system developed by our in-house team of professionals are advanced that helps people search parking spots with comfort and at the same time as deliver a smooth flow of transportation to upsurge the revenue collection. As soon as a vehicle enters a parking lot, it may be guided with the support of sensors or over head lights on the accessibility of parking spots. You can understand in other ways as green light shows vacant spot, where a red light will indicate a parked spot.

  • Driver can steer to the vacant spot. Overall, parking management system is helpful in decreasing the dependency on additional attendants and decreases operational costs.
  • You can choose the right type of parking management system – ranging from outdoor parking guidance system and parking information system. Our system is helpful in managing multi-level parking lots.
  • With our system, you can optimize occupancy, increase revenue, categorize parking lot, blocking any access key (if required), sending digital keys to allow access and get a number of added benefits.

What Makes Ravel Movement’s Parking Management System Ideal for Use?

The advanced system provides with analytics that will surely add value to your business as you will get benefits like:

  • Reduce ramp & road congestion and carbon emissions – that are created by vehicles circulating looking for available parking
  • Helps in lowering down the manpower and overall cost
  • Value adds to a customer service provider by offering parkers with real-time parking information, space availability and exact location, where there is a parking space available.

Our Ravel Parking Guidance Solution enables and empowers an area, a business district a large locality or even a city to optimize public parking spaces by offering real time space availability to parkers via signage and mobile application.

Choose the right mode of parking management system from Ravel and make a contact to get delivery with installation support.