If compared to the time a few years ago, roads and parking lots are more complicated. For this, a strict set of rules is implemented – mainly to govern the general flow of traffic. However, breaking traffic rules is also a common phenomenon. You can see drivers, driving into some places from the wrong directions or entering a place, where vehicles are not allowed to drive. Bollards play a pivotal role in keeping such drivers in the lane and drive-by following traffic rules.

Embedded in a sidewalk, street, parking lot and similar other surfaces, Bollards are designed to develop a protective barrier and prevent cars as well as other vehicles from driving at unwanted places or from areas, where they are not allowed. They are standalone post, steel, short and sturdy as well as anchored in a hard surface like concrete. They are used to block vehicle movement from all directions and allow for full pedestrian movement inconvenient way. You can see the use of bollards between the parking space and the beginning of the adjacent outdoor pedestrian seating area that needs protection.

We at Ravel Movement Control Pvt Ltd have come up with a new set of bollards offered with a complete user guide. Make a contact either by giving a call or sending a mail and we will stay in touch with you with complete details and support. Crash-certified bollards also available on request.