Baggage Scanners








Baggage scanners are most commonly required at different places and areas – mainly at entry points to scan baggage before entering to detect different illegal things or items that are not allowed to carry.

Applications and Areas Where Baggage Scanners Are Required

There are different areas and applications, for which the installation of Baggage Scanners is important. Some of the important applications and areas include:

  • Government Offices, Defense Establishments and Airports
  • Hotels, Resorts and Corporate Offices and ITES or at Entry Points of Embassies
  • Metro / Railway Stations and Prisons or Courthouses
  • Malls and Movie Theaters
  • Temples, churches and Different Places of Worship
  • Critical Infrastructures and during Big Events

They come with superior detection capabilities, low cost of ownership, advanced x-ray technology and sophisticated image capture, display and archival. You will get clear and HD image quality with high resolution and deep penetration. Explosive and narcotics detections, threat image projection are added advantages with these x-ray systems. Compliance with all safety and health standards and easy user interface design ensures the efficiency and professionalism of baggage screening.